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Working with the Program

The program works as follows:

First of all, create and configure a synchronization scheme. When the scheme is ready, ZSync immediately scans the points you have defined, compares them between one another, and creates the synchronization plan. Next, you arrange the found files and folders by categories and thus specify what exactly is to be synchronized and what should not be synchronized, and what directions that should be done. The synchronization plan will automatically adjust to the new settings, so everything goes through extremely conveniently and obviously. Once you are positive that the final plan meets your needs quite well, click the Synchronize button to carry it out.

Some time later, you start ZSync again and see whether anything has changed and, if so click the Synchronize button again.


Synchronization stages

If you are synchronizing for the first time, ZSync knows nothing about the previous state of files and folders. Therefore, it simply compares them with one another just like the most synchronizers do. To point out this fact, the program draws a small star- (or snowflake-) like looking label in the state cells (at the upper left):

StageNew.gif (939 bytes)

If the files appeared to be identical, ZSync automatically saves their state as synchronized; such files are marked with ticks (on the figure above those are the 2nd and the 4th files). After being synchronized, all the files are displayed with ticks; when something changes, its state mark appears without the star sign:

Stage2.gif (1253 bytes)

The first file was changed, and the third one was deleted. But what about the last file - why does it have the stars again? The deal is - it hasn't been changed; the new file that did not exist earlier has appeared, that's why ZSync cannot "remember" its previous state. Thus, everything is correct, ZSync will save it after synchronization.

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