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ZSKSoft Synchronizer (ZSync) is a program for comparing and synchronizing folders along with subfolders and files contained therein. The folders to be processed can be of the following types:

  • Regular (located on your computer hard disk or local area network).
  • FTP (e.g. Web sites).
  • ZIP-files.
  • Remote (not linked directly but accessible via diskette, flash drive, e-mail, etc.)
  • New types will be added in the new versions of the program.

ZSync has been successfully employed for synchronizing with laptop computer, creating backup copies, comparing versions, team working, updating web sites, synchronizing home computer with office computer, and in many other cases.

At the same time you can synchronize two folders (occurs most frequently); you can also synchronize three, four, five or any number of folders at the same time. For instance, alongside with publishing new version of a web site from a local folder to the FTP site you can create its backup copy and add it to ZIP archive.

Unlike other similar programs, ZSync remembers the synchronization state. Due to this capability, the program carries a number of very useful features:

  • Detects conflicts and suspicious changes (for example, should two people modify the same file in different places, the program will notice that and suggest you to resolve the case - choose the valid copy of the file, merge the changes, etc.
  • If you are editing only a single location, you may skip scanning the other location at all. For instance, to synchronize a web site with its local copy, you can just list the local changes and then update the web site via the FTP protocol. If the program scanned the FTP folder too, this could take a pretty long time since the FTP connection usually works very slowly.
  • The program can be put to work immediately, i.e. instantly. Suppose, you have got two copies of a project that have been maintained in a more or less synchronized state. As the project developed, new temporary subfolders, versions, test data, and much more have appeared, and now it's even hard to remember what of that should be kept and what shouldn't. Besides, from now on you want to synchronize the changes promptly and accurately and keep the job under the careful "supervision" of a reliable synchronization program. No problem! Install ZSKSoft Synchronizer and "tell" it "Mark as synchronized". That's it; your wish is granted: ZSync has stored the current state and will synchronize the data again only when something changes. Certainly, as you get more time, you can put all your projects to order step-by-step; now you have all the necessary tools at your fingertips.
  • The program treats possible overlays and unpredictable situations with proper understanding. For instance, if you synchronize files on your work and home computer and once, running errands, you forget to grab the diskette or, after the New Year holidays, you cannot recall which computer you saved the latest version in, or you leave for a honeymoon where you will have no time for computers - ZSync will just contribute to the congratulations and will patiently wait until you get back to work. When you are back, you can pick up your work at any of the computers; when you make a newer version available on the other computer, ZSync will figure the things out automatically.
  • And much more.

Our policy is one of continual improvement. New features are constantly being added and improvements made to the existing features. With ZSKSoft Synchronizer, you can set yourself free from numerous routine operations and free your creative energy for more important and worthy tasks.

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