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  ZSKSoft Synchronizer  
  August 18, 2005  
  Version 2.2.1  

The scanning mechanism is improved in order to handle folders with restricted access.  

The "/hide" command line parameter is added for invisible synchronization.  

The problem with files exclusively opened on the side of the FTP server is fixed.  

Some minor improvements.  
  May 8, 2005  
  Version 2.2  

'My Synchronization' pane added to make it easier to handle a lot of synchronization tasks.  

Options added to configure a lot of external files comparers.  

Improvements to the built-in file comparer.  

Command-line keys added for automatic synchronizing.  

Settings added for selectively skipping hidden and system files and folders.  

Option added for changing the process priority.  

Pre-update backup option added.  

Ability added to control access rights for a shared folder for preventing conflicts due to concurrent updating.  

Many small additions and improvements.  

Welcome to ZSKSoft Lab's web site!

There is a big bunch of synchronization programs on the market. A lot of developers offer them, but still nobody can create a good synchronization software product. I have seen many synchronizers and all of them are alike. You don't even need to install them; a quick glance at the screenshot will tell you that this synchronizer is similar to the others:

obsolete files and folders synchronization software

I don't need a synchronizer that has no idea that files are not only created but also deleted. I need two-way synchronization, and I am not going to perform one-way synchronization only because the program cannot guess what should be deleted. I want to see what was changed instead of seeing current files and move the modifications to a new spot. It should look like this:

modern files and folders synchronization software

I need a reliable and secure synchronizer. If I modify a file on my laptop and then modify it on the main computer without synchronizing, I won't be able to copy the file to or from the laptop because some information will be lost. The synchronizer should notice it, warn me and leave the file as it is until I correct it!

I need a convenient synchronizer. For example, I compare two folders and see files that do not need to be synchronized. Why should I go to the settings, add a template of these files to the list, then go back, find more files and repeat it over and over again? I want just to drag such files to the "Off" list - that's all!

I need an efficient synchronizer. I don't want to buy a separate Web-site publishing program and use it for adding a few pictures to my homepage twice a year. If the program synchronizes folders, shouldn't it work with FTP folders as well?

I do not need an inefficient program, I need a good synchronizer. That's why I use ZSync..

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