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News Subscription

To deliver news on the program and announcements on availability of the new releases, and as well to make a communication link between users and the developers, we use Yahoo! Groups - one of the best group communication services. Having joined the zsync group, you can communicate with the developers, ask other users for advice, and share your own experience. You can also be informed of availability of the new versions and participate in testing the program's beta versions. If you are interested in receiving only the ZSKSoft Lab official messages (notifications on availability of the new versions, discovered errors, error correction methods, etc.), you can switch to the "special notifications only" mode at any time.



To join the zsync-rus group on Yahoo!, send a blank message to . In some time you will receive an automatic reply asking you to confirm your subscription. To confirm the subscription, simply reply to that message (send the message back to the reply-to address) or click on the link provided in the message.

You can customize your subscription settings (whether the messages must be in the plain text or HTML format, whether each message must be delivered individually or as a daily digest, whether you want to receive all messages or only the official announcements, etc.). The settings can be adjusted through the web at the subscription control center. There you can also read the archived messages. When accessing that web page, you will be asking to log in using your Yahoo ID. If you are not registered with Yahoo, you will need to register first.


Exchange Messages

Once you have completed the subscription, you will begin to receive messages sent to the zsync-rus group at your mailbox.

To send a message to the group (it will be delivered to all the subscribers, including the developers of the program), send the message to .

If your mailbox appears to be unavailable for a while, Yahoo will automatically suspend delivery of the new messages. You can resume the delivery at the subscription control center.



You can unsubscribe from the group at any time by sending a blank message to .

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