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Simple Folder

This point is a regular folder; it can reside on both a local disk or network resource.

Local.gif (2904 bytes)

Path - This is the path to the folder to be synchronized. You can type in the path or browse to it using the 'folder' button.

"Relative to current folder" - This option allows the user to select the path as either absolute or relative. Here the term 'relative' means relative to the folder where the synchronization Scheme is located and whose path is visible in the field immediately under the checkbox.

This option is useful if you have chosen to store the Scheme near to the folder to be synchronised instead of in the default location, 'My synchronizations'.

Shared access - Tick this option when more than one user may simultaneously access the folder defined in this Point. With this option selected, ZSync applies the following measures to avoid accidental conflict between the users

  • While the update is in progress it creates a special file in the folder to temporarily lock out other users.
  • It avoids updating any files that have been changed by another user in the interval between when the scan took place and when the synchronization started. In this case ZSync offers the option to either repeat the scan to check for conflicts, or to skip the files that were updated by another user.

Pre-update files backup - When this box is ticked files that are to be deleted or overwritten during synchronization process are first copied into a special backup folder (<scheme>.zsync.files\<point>.point\backup folder). After that the deletion or overwrite is carried out.

The 'Special' button - This offers several settings with explanatory text included. Use the Tab key to move between the options without altering the settings.

The 'Events' button - This window allows you to run a user-specified external program before or after Zsync carries out various actions. A suitable entry in one of the boxes might look like this:

"C:\Program files\My Program\my_program.exe" %1

where the format is the same as if one were entering a command line into a normal shortcut. The parameter %1 automatically refers to the file or folder that is to be (or has just been) the subject of the action by Zsync.

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