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Command Line

If you are familiar with the command line, you can launch ZSync with special options. Obviously, the best way to do this is from a file manager (e.g., Far or Total Commander). Besides, it is desired that you add the path to the ZSync folder to the WINDOWS' PATH variable.

Single Parameter

If you pass only one parameter, ZSync treats it as a synchronization scheme name and tries to open that scheme file.


Multiple Parameters

If you pass more than one parameter, ZSync treats those as points; it creates a new scheme with those points and then tries to compare them and generate a synchronization plan. This is true for the local points and ZIP files.


zsync "C:\My Documents\Folder1" "C:\Others Documents\Folder2"
zsync Version1.zip Version2.zip
zsync "My Project" "My Project\BACKUP\2004-12-02.zip"


Special Switches

The first parameter can be a special switch chosen from the following:

/auto - if you include this switch, ZSync tries to automatically synchronize the scheme defined by the other parameter(s) and then closes. But if problems occur the mode changes to interactive.

/silent - if you include this switch, ZSync automatically executes the synchronization and closes. When this switch is used, ZSync stores a complete log of the synchronization process in a file called <scheme>.zsync.files\LastLog.txt. If it detects a problem with an item during the synchronisation, the item is skipped and the event is recorded in the log file. This mode can be useful for unattended backups launched by Windows scheduler.

Hint: If you have defined a name for a Summary Log File in Program Settings then a brief summary record will be added to this file after each synchronization procedure. The Summary Log can be viewed at any time using Windows Notepad. If the record shows 'OK' then everything went smoothly and there is no need to read through the detailed log file.

Note: The /silent switch hides a reminder message in the unregistered version of ZSync. In this case you need to remember to register ZSync in time yourself.



  zsync /silent "C:\Sync\NightBackup.zsync"


/hide - the same as "/silent", but ZSync does not show any windows at all.

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